About Omni
  • About Omni Solid

    Omni Solid Services, Inc., is a diversified service company providing full cycle expertise for the electrical appliance industry ranging from product certifications (for PS & ICC) to assembly, warehousing and distribution.

  • Vision, Mision and Values

    Its primary goal was to provide logistics and supply chain services ranging from warehouse management and leasing, physical goods inventory management, delivery and transport, and supply of related information with the use of an ERP software.


  • Accreditations and Franchises

    * LTFRB
    * DOE
    * BPS
    * ASEAN


  • Company Memberships

    * Solid Group Inc.
    * PAIA
    * PMAP
    * SOMAP


  • Major Clients

    * MyHouse.
    * Sony
    * Haier
    * TCL