Omni Solid Services



SKD Assembly of LCD/LED Televisions.

With more than 20 years of expertise in TV Manufacturing. Complete Knock Down (CKD) and Semi-Knock Down (SKD) formats. Sony, JVC, Sharp, TCL, Aiwa, etc.

Reprocessing of Complete Built Up (CBU) units

Primary / Major Equipment

*Central Signal Source Generator
*LED Production Conveyor
*PM 5418 Video Generator
*Advantest Spectrum Analyser
*Withstanding Voltage & Insulation Resistance *Testers
*HD Digital Signal Generator
*Audio Generators
*Torque Meter

ASsembly division

-Projected Capacity: 1,600 units per day
-Sizes: 16” to 55”
-Production lines:

Line 1: Small Production Line
*600 units per day
Line 2: for Big Size with small quantities
*100 units per day
Line 3: Mass Production Line
*900 units per day

ASsembly division

-Key Performance Indexes
*Line Defect Ratio < 2.0%
*Inventory Accuracy > 99.5%
*Lot Pass Ratio > 95%
*Prod’n Achievement Rate > 95%

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