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Test Laboratory


Solid Laguna Corporation Testing Laboratory or (SLCTL) was conceived with an overall goal
of “To improve the safety and quality of locally manufactured and imported household appliances”.
SLCTL is the first electrical safety testing laboratory to be PNS ISO/IEC 
17025:2005 accredited by Philippine Accreditation Office (PAO) under its laboratory accreditation scheme.
SLCTL is now OSSI Solid Test Laboratory


Motor-operated Appliances Based on IEC 60335:

-Electric Fan
-Washing Machine (Single & Twin Tub)‏

Testing Capabilities

-Heating Appliances Based on IEC 60335:

Electric Flat Iron (Steam & Dry Type)
Oven Toaster
Pop-up Toaster/Bread Toaster
Coffee Maker
Rice Cooker
Electric Stove
Electric Airpot

Testing Capabilities

-Combined Appliances Based on IEC 60335-2-25

Microwave Oven

New Testing Capabilities

Refrigerator Performance
Testing in coordination
with DOE base on IEC 62552

New Testing Capabilities

Performance Testing For Aircons
Base on ISO5151Customized tests are available too: Climatic Environmental Testing - (-10ºC to 80ºC ; 20% to 95% RH) Flammability Test Glow Wire Test Ball Pressure Test

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