Omni Solid Services

Vision, Mission, Values & Commitment

VISION To be one of the industry’s best Third Party Service Provider, recognized and trusted by our clients as their dynamic partner towards progress

MISSION To provide our customers with quality, reliable and cost-efficient Service in the areas of Logistics, Electrical Appliance Laboratory Testing & Assembly and Sales of Refurbished Products 
To continually seek ways to improve our employees’ and our company’s performance to enhance customer satisfaction. 
To strive to be an industry model in Third-Party Servicing

VALUES Integrity, Dedication, Quality, Teamwork, Flexibility, Cost-efficiency and Competency



To Our Customers
We strive at giving the best quality service in the most cost-efficient manner. We serve our customers’ needs promptly and courteously. In all that we do, we aim to gain the trust and maintain the confidence of our clients and customers.

ImgTo Our Employees
We respect our employees’ rights and recognize their merit. We maintain a work environment that encourages employees’ initiative and participation. We provide opportunities for growth and betterment.

ImgTo Our Suppliers / Trade Partners
We seek ways to work together to make operations more efficient. We recognize each other’s need to ensure a fair profit. We strive for a win-win relationship for mutual growth.

ImgTo Our Investors / Stockholders
We believe in ensuring a reasonable return for our stockholder’s investment. Our profit enables us to provide for people development, to innovate for better service and to invest in new areas for the future.

ImgTo Our Society and the Filipino People
We have faith in our country and our people. We serve society through ethical management, good governance and responsible corporate citizenship. Ultimately, our Values guide us through our personal and corporate lives, making us better individuals and a more responsible corporation in the service of our communities, our fellowmen, and our country.

ImgTo Our Government Agencies
We maintain the trust and confidence of accreditation and franchising bodies. We meet the requirements and
adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by such Government agencies that granted privileges to us

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