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Who is Omni Solid?


Omni Solid Services, Inc. started operations on November 4, 1994. A member company of Solid Group Incorporated (SGI), its primary goal was to provide logistics and supply chain services ranging from warehouse management and leasing, physical goods inventory management, delivery and transport, and supply of related information with the use of an ERP software.
1996 - Awarded ISO 9000 certification by Certification International for its Assembly Operations.
1998 - Logistics Operations started with Sony and Aiwa as its first clients
2001 - Omni Solid Services entered into contract with TCL Sun, Inc. for its assembly and logistics and nationwide after-sales service operations.
2002 - a B2B software link-up between OMNI’s Warehouse Management System with Sony’s ERP was established.
2003 - Solid Test Lab was established to augment the Bureau of Product Standards’ (BPS) testing capacity focusing on the needs of the electrical appliance industry
2005 - Omni migrated to ERIC System, interfacing with the SAP , which was the system used by Sony Philippines
- Solid Test Lab was the first laboratory for electrical appliances safety testing to be accredited to PNS ISO IEC 17025

2005 - Omni was visited by Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo at Laguna International Industrial Park in recognition of its Assembly facilities’ export capability.
2007 - Appointed by Sanyo Philippines Inc. to handle it’s logistics operation for Luzon
- Solid Test Lab was nominated by BPS and subsequently listed in the ASEAN Conformity Assessment Body (CAB)
2008 - Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as 24th among the top 50 performing SME’s in terms of assets & 14th among the top 20 SME’s in peso and assets growth
2009 - Solid Test Lab was recognized by Department of Energy (DOE)to conduct performance testing for refrigerators
2011 - Started warehousing and distribution operations for MyPhone (the first Pinoy Phone) products
2012 - Solid Test Lab introduced the first third-party testing facility (psychrometric chamber) for air conditioners in the Philippines.
- Haier was added in Logistics Operations in its roster of brands being served
2013 - Solid Test Lab was the 1st recipient of the Japanese government (METI) through IS-INOTEK in mutual air conditioning testing.

who is omni solid?

Omni Solid Services, Inc., is a diversified service company providing full cycle expertise for the electrical appliance industry ranging from product certifications (for PS & ICC) to assembly, warehousing and distribution.

Brand holders can concentrate on their core business with back channel operations being provided by Omni exceeding key performance indexes tailor-fitted to their requirements.

With multiple clients, we practice strictest confidentialities as our business cornerstone.

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