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Omni Solid's Summer Getaway to Pamarta Bali Beach Resort, Morong , Bataan



It could have been that many of us were still flying high from the Company’s Summer Outing that occurred the week before, 9th and 10th of April 2015 to be exact. It could have been that we were all excited to wear our summer get-up and most especially to meet new employees and to build camaraderie within us. We are particularly proud of the efforts of all the teams that participated in the games’ committee have been preferred of. This event may not be successful without the undying support of the committee headed by our untiring HRAD Manager, Ms. Ofelia Villareal and its members Eireen Santiago, Jacky Lim, Joana Sugatan, Jo Aberca, Mac Solomon and Eds Bernales. But of course, this may not be possible without the unselfish support of our beloved and very hands-on General Manager, Ms. Abbe L. Daza.


Jo Aberca, one of the committee, was generous enough to facilitate and host the games. It was well attended by 63 employees.


Wakes up at 6AM on the day of April 10 to scent the morning breeze (the real beauty is here!...whew)


OH MY G! The most handsome and sexiest comes from this group! Is there any objection?...:-)


Boating is more fun in the Philippines!


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